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WiCast is an open source project designed to Multicast UDP datagram packets over a WiFi wireless network to IGMP group. It consists of two sub projects a Multicast Server and a Multicast Client. A third sub-project is planned to provide a multicast software relay suitable for creating multicast mesh networks. The project will function over all standard 802.11 based Wireless networks. The project is designed in UML using Sparx Enterprise architect and implemented in Java. The design, source code and documentation are available on the projects download page and may be further distributed under the GPL licence.


location specific information

  • - Departure and Arrival boards in Airports, Train & Bus stations.
  • - Sign posts, directions & tourist information.
  • - Retail information, Sales, Special offers and opening times.
  • - Event Schedules

WiCast Server

The WiCast Server is intended for use in conjunction with a multicast enabled WiFi Access Point. It will originate traffic or operate as a relay for multicast traffic received from adjacent nodes to form a wireless multicast mesh.

WiCast Client

The WiCast Client is designed for use with WiFi enabled mobile devices.

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